Showcase 2024 Dance Your Dreams

Saturday May 18th at 3pm and 6.30pm
Tickets available at The Celtic Performing Arts Centre on May 3rd


Anna - Yoga Student

"I have been participating in classes with Sheree for 10+ years. I love those classes. I leave each class feeling quiet and relaxed. I am just me in a happy, quiet place. Additionally at 59 a physiotherapist told me I was extremely flexible which is an added benefit. My ongoing practice helps me to do the things I like to do without discomfort. I maintain a personal practice but feel it benefits me greatly to go to group classes. I “shore up” my practice and every class I get some new perspective on a posture, breath or myself. For me, the environment (room) puts me in a different place. I am in the moment most of the time! The Workshops allow me to learn more about the practice and to focus that practice on a particular issue such as digestion. Additionally, Sheree provides diagrams of the practice which adds to my collection of routines I can do at home. I have had a few private sessions where Sheree developed a routine that I am able to adapt to my needs according to time of day, time – 20-40 minutes, etc. Sheree is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher. She answers any questions and is able to adapt (even in group classes) the practice to accommodate each person’s weaknesses and strengths. The classes are fun and always bring a smile to my face.

Linda-Yoga Student

"I have been with Sheree on and off for a number of years. Her approach to yoga is heart felt and professional. She offers support, alternatives and individual attention as required for the physical yoga poses. This in itself has helped me recover from physical injuries and improve my physical health. Her knowledge and expertise helps with all aspects, physical , spiritual and emotional. I recommend her classes what ever level you are."

Margo - Yoga Student

"I am a regular, full figure, over 50 woman and have been attending Sheree Gurnell's yoga sessions since 2001 and will continue. I have enormous emotional healing, contentedness and calm that I never had before yoga. You can be any age, any fitness level, have physical ailments and gain great benefits from Sheree's yoga classes. As long as you are able to breathe, you can do yoga. Sheree will adjust your body or modify the pose to suit your body to get the same benefits. Sheree's experience, knowledge and personal journey brings a presence of serenity and strength to the class. Sheree lives yoga and is an inspiration to everyone who has met her. I highly recommend a group yoga session with Sheree Gurnell will change your life only for the better. Thank you Sheree for all you have done for me."

Kathy - Yoga Student

"I have been practicing yoga with Sheree for a number of years now and the benefits I have enjoyed are many. I am a senior but my body feels very young and agile; my mind has learned to slow down and my spirit always feels so alive after each and every class! I started practicing yoga to slow the pace of my “busy life” and I have been able to achieve that and so much more!"

Chelsey-Yoga Student

"I attended my first yoga class at Danspirations as form of exercise, but quickly learned the important role it played in maintaining a healthy inner self. After attending a few sessions at Danspirations, I noticed that not only was my physical body changing, but also my ability to concentrate and be more aware of the needs within my body. For me, it gave an ability to keep a healthy balance between the demands of daily life and stressors that we are often faced with. I feel fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to begin and maintain my yoga practice at Danspirations with Sheree. Sheree is a genuine, compassionate person that wants to share her knowledge of the benefits of yoga with her students. It is apparent from her teachings and interactions that she has a strong foundation in what yoga is and how a practice can be modified to suit your particular needs. I have taken part in both group classes as well as private sessions and currently have implemented both into my routine. I enjoy the private sessions that I have with Sheree, as she is able to not only check in with me and assess where I am at physically and mentally, but also can formulate a practice that is specific to my needs and me. I am grateful for the skills I have gained through practicing yoga at Danspirations with Sheree and look forward to furthering my practice, as well as expanding my knowledge base."

Anne-Yoga Student

"As an active participant in various sports (swimming, cross country skiing, kayaking) as I aged, I became aware that my flexibility was diminishing. Five years ago I joined Sheree’s yoga class. At age 75 I am still enjoying the classes and am helped by her sensitivity to give alternate ways of doing the movements and the breathing exercises. This has helped me continue with the sports I love. Thank you, Sheree."